Starting a Colorado Brewery? Here Are The Current Timelines: SEPTEMBER 2017 UPDATE

If you are starting a Colorado brewery or Brewpub you will need to apply for a Brewer’s Notice with the TTB and a Manufacturer’s License with the State of Colorado.  It is important to know the current processing timelines for Colorado brewery applications as you will not be permitted to brew beer until you have been approved by the Federal Government (TTB) and State of Colorado.  You should expect between 4-6 months to get your Colorado Brewery formed and licensed with the TTB and State of Colorado.

If you are starting a Brewery for instance, you can expect:

TTB Brewer’s Notice:  In August, 2017 the average number of days to process a TTB Brewer’s Notice Application was just about 53 days!! (as of September 11, 2017 – the most current TTB update).  That’s DOWN 15 days – from 68 days in July, 2017.  The time to process your Brewer’s Notice can vary depending on completeness of application and additional information needed by TTB.  KEEP IN MIND these dates are AVERAGES.  The days of processing times of 180+ days may be behind us.  We regularly speak with TTB representatives and are reminded that Brewpubs are taking longer to process.  However, recently we have seen brewer’s notice applications processed on a faster timeline (2-3 months).  We were recently told that  TTB hired and trained many new representatives and processing times are in the 90 +/- range.  I suppose we are continuing to see the results now.

State of Colorado Beer Manufacturer’s License:  You’ll also need a Colorado Liquor License.  The State of Colorado generally processes Beer Manufacturer’s Licenses in 3-4 months.  It is best to submit the Colorado Brewer’s License Application  at the same time you submit your TTB application.

County / City Licensing:  If you are starting a Colorado Brew Pub, you will need to apply for the TTB Brewer’s Notice and a Colorado Brew Pub License at the local Colorado city or county level.  Applying for a Colorado Brew Pub License could take additional time to process as the timeline for local licensing authority processing is different than the State of Colorado licensing process.

Things You’ll Need BEFORE Starting a Colorado Brewery:

This is not an exhaustive list of things you’ll need to consider before starting your Colorado Brewery, but these are the key items you’ll need to address right away.

Colorado Brewery Lawyers at LaszloLaw

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