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Areas of Practice

LaszloLaw is a Boulder Law Firm and our goal is to help our clients take the preventative measures necessary to avoid litigation and to assist those businesses who have become involved in litigation.

Our Boulder lawyers will help you protect your business and personal assets. However, if you or your business must litigate, our attorneys are experienced litigators with an extensive background in business and commercial litigation. The Boulder lawyers at LaszloLaw will provide legal assistance to your business from the boardroom to the courtroom.

At LaszloLaw, we focus our practice in the areas of business and commercial law, Litigation, and Liquor Law.

Commercial & Business

Our Boulder-based law firm represents companies and individuals in a wide array of disputes.

Outside General Counsel

LaszloLaw routinely serves as outside general counsel for businesses of all sizes throughout the country.

Liquor Law

We regularly counsel clients on legal issues arising among the “three tiers” of liquor businesses.

Civil Litigation

LaszloLaw practices preventative law to address and resolve issues before headed to litigation.

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