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Liquor License Violations and Suspensions

Colorado Liquor License Violations Happen – How You Address the Liquor License Violation is the Difference between a Fine, Suspension, or Business Ending Revocation.

Mistakes happen.  All Colorado Colorado Liquor License holders face possible liquor license violations and suspensions – sometimes even license revocation.  All liquor licensees are subject to the laws and rules that govern the manufacture, distribution, sale and service of alcohol in the State of Colorado. For retail level liquor licenses, your local liquor license authority and the State of Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division oversee compliance with liquor rules.  For wholesale and supplier tier liquor licenses, just the State of Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division oversee compliance with liquor rules.

While some Colorado liquor license holders will never be cited for liquor law violations, many will.  Even with the best training, mistakes happen.  The key is to understand who is being cited with the Colorado liquor law violation, why the liquor violations occurred and then, to know your options.

Common Colorado Liquor License Violations Include:

  • Sale of alcohol to minors – Failure to Pass a Compliance Check
  • Food service requirements
  • Sale of alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person
  • Trade Practices Violation
  • Unlawful Financial Assistance

Individuals and businesses can be cited for liquor violations. Knowing who was Cited with the Colorado Liquor Violation is very Important.

Individuals and businesses can be cited for liquor violations.  Take for example a failed Compliance Check aka the “underage sting” where a cashier will sell alcohol to a minor.  The cashier personally faces criminal charges, and the liquor store owner (licensee) faces face administrative penalty from the local licensing authority.

Why did the Colorado Liquor Violation occur, and How Can it be Prevented in the Future?

Understanding how and why the liquor violation occurred and ensuring it will not happened in the future could be the difference in a monetary fine and a multi day liquor license suspension.  how it will be prevented in the future.  In the above example, better training and clear guidelines for checking customers’ IDs almost certainly would have prevented the sale of alcohol to a minor.  Demonstrating to the local liquor licensing authority or the State of Colorado the steps you’ve taken to fix the problem is a mitigating factor that may be very helpful.

Liquor License Holders have Rights and Options.  

Liquor Licensees that have been cited criminally and/or administratively with a Colorado liquor violation have rights.  As a criminal matter, they have constitutional rights and guarantees, that is, you have a right to go to trial.

As an administrative matter, the liquor license holder also has rights to a fair proceeding with the presentation of evidence and availability of an appeal.  Here, you will receive a “Notice of Hearing and Order to Show Cause” regarding the violation and will be required to attend a hearing.  You’ll have the opportunity to appear in person and “show cause” why your Colorado liquor license should not be suspended.  It is very helpful, and it may be required, to have an attorney represent your business for a liquor license violation.

Colorado Liquor License Violation Lawyers

Our Colorado liquor license violation lawyers are ready to assist in you in addressing and defending against Liquor License violations.  Your goals and bottom line are our priorityContact the Colorado liquor license lawyers at LaszloLaw today to discuss your Colorado liquor license needs.

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