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Forbes: Colorado Ranks 5th For Business

Colorado Ranks in the Top 5 for Best States for Businessess

Boulder Lawyers | LaszloLaw | Boulder AttorneysColorado is #5 on Forbes annual list of “Best States for Businesses.”  According to Forbes, the annual list is complied using “six important factors for businesses: costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, current economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life.”

As the annual list indicates, despite a “sputtering” U.S. economy, some states in the U.S. are ready for growth based on their pro-growth regulatory climates, current economic environments, and reasonable costs of doing business.

Virginia ranks #1 on the list with North Dakota, Utah, and North Carolina trailing behind it. Colorado’s ranking at #5 is unchanged from last year. The #5 spot is largely based on “an educated labor supply and a migrating population that is attracted to its robust economy and outdoor recreational opportunities. Colorado is expected to have the third fastest growth for both jobs and household incomes over the next five years.”

Of the six important factors considered in determining the rankings, Colorado ranks first in labor supply, fourth for growth prospects, and ninth for quality of life.

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