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Boulder Colorado Ranks #1 On High-Tech Startup List

Boulder Startup Lawyers | LaszloLaw | Colorado Startup LawyerBoulder, followed by Ft. Collins-Loveland, was recently ranked as number one in the country for high-tech start company density.  Two other Colorado communities made the top-10 list: Denver-Broomfield-Aurora (6th) and Colorado Springs (9th).

Colorado, and Boulder specifically, is truly becoming the place for startups.  The business and legal climate in Colorado is certainly beneficial for those looking to start a new business.  Recent Colorado Court rulings have strengthened the protection available to limited liability companies (LLCs) which makes organizing a business in Colorado even more attractive.

Even with the great business and legal climate for startups, all new startups need to keep in mind that to take advantage of the benefits of the laws here in Colorado, your business must be properly formed and maintained.  For example, it is not enough to decide to do business as an LLC and file Articles of Organization with the Colorado Secretary of State.  An operating agreement among the LLC members is required.  Practically, you’ll need an operating agreement for many of your early stage transactions.  Similarly, if you decide to incorporate, you’ll need a set of bylaws. 

Boulder Startup Lawyers

The Boulder Startup Lawyers at LaszloLaw are dedicated to advising entrepreneurs on the formation and growth of their companies. Our Boulder Startup Lawyers will help you choose the appropriate legal entity and place of business, protect personal and business assets, protect intellectual property, review and negotiate contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), secure investment capital and create distribution, vendor, independent contractor and employee agreements. Contact our Boulder Startup Lawyers today.

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