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Colorado Brewers’ Economic Impact Upon State


The Boulder County Business Reports reports that the Boulder-based Brewers’ Association determined that Colorado’s craft breweries rank 5th in the nation as far as economic impact upon their respective state. Per capita, Colorado ranks 2nd at $436.50 per resident over the age of 21, behind only Oregon.

According to the report, Colorado breweries add $1.6 billion into Colorado’s economy. Further, Boulder County alone is nearing close to 30 craft breweries.

Nationally, according to the Brewers’ Association, 363,703 full-time jobs have been created by the craft brewing industry in the U.S.

The Brewers’ Association’s analysis was based on two national surveys that were examined using economic analysis software. Additionally, the Association reviewed pricing and sales estimates as craft beers made their way through the supply chain and also calculated non-beer products sold from breweries and brewpubs.

The Brewers’ Association report demonstrates the positive and direct effect the vibrant craft brewery industry has had upon the state of Colorado.

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