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TTB Issues Ruling Easing Formula Requirements for Craft Brewers

Beer BarrelsOn June 5, 2014, the TTB issued a ruling that will ease formula requirements for craft brewers.  In short, the TTB is excepting from the formula requirements of 27 CFR 25.55 malt beverages made with certain ingredients, such as honey, certain fruits, certain spices, and certain food ingredients, upon a finding that such ingredients are traditionally used in the production of beer.  You can read the full TTB Ruling HERE.  The TTB included an attachment to the Ruling  listing Exempt Ingredients, which can be read HERE.

Further, in the Ruling, TTB also has determined that certain processes used by craft brewers, such as aging beer in barrels that were previously used in the production or storage of wine or distilled spirits, do not require the filing of a formula.  However, the TTB cautioned:

Please note that this exemption from the formula requirement does not apply to the use of woodchips that have been soaked or infused with distilled spirits or wine for the sole purpose of use in the production of beer.

The TTB Formula Ruling is helpful not only to craft brewers, but the TTB itself:

We are issuing this ruling to provide immediate relief from the formula requirement burden for certain products. TTB is also issuing this ruling as part of an ongoing analysis of ways in which TTB can reduce regulatory burdens on industry members and increase administrative efficiencies consistent with its mission to protect the public and collect the revenue.

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