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How Will the New Boulder Liquor License Regulations Affect Boulder Businesses?

Boulder Liquor License Lawyers | LaszloLawOn October 22nd, the Boulder City Council approved new regulations designed to reduce the excessive drinking on University Hill.

It is important for Boulder businesses that plan to apply for a Boulder liquor license to keep in mind that the new liquor regulations will only apply within the University Hill General Improvement District.  Additionally, existing businesses, even those with a Boulder liquor license on the Hill will not be affected by the new regulations as the new Boulder liquor regulations will not apply to existing Boulder businesses, which will be “grandfathered” in.

Holders of hotel/restaurant liquor licenses would be required to have food make up at least half of their sales and new restaurants that wish to serve liquor will be required to close at 11pm – while those new restaurants that don’t serve liquor at all can stay open after 11 p.m.

For the rest of Boulder, the old rules still apply and restaurants that want to serve alcohol after 11 p.m. must to go through a use review process.

Regardless of whether yours is an existing Boulder liquor licensed business or a new one planning on applying for a Boulder liquor license, the Colorado state and Boulder liquor laws are serious and require detailed attention and compliance.

Colorado Beverage Lawyers of LaszloLaw

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