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City of Boulder Considers Banning Hard Liquor on The Hill

Boulder Liquor License Lawyers | LaszloLawBoulder Weekly reports today that the Boulder City Council is contemplating restricting the sale of hard liquor on The Hill. Colorado bans the sale of hard liquor within 500 feet of a school, including a university.  However, the city of Boulder has an ordinance which created an exemption for the University of Colorado.

The city of Boulder would restrict liquor sales by clawing back the Boulder ordinance exemption for University of Colorado.  Should the ordinance be repealed, the city would then, apparently, restrict current licensees from selling hard liquor and refuse to grant new licenses for the sale of hard liquor.  In the end, the sale of beer and wine would survive.

Realistically, while I understand the city of Boulder’s concerns in considering this appeal, I cannot imagine Boulder actually changing this ordinance and eliminating the sale of liquor on The Hill.  Lawsuits from license holders would certainly follow and the public opinion, albeit mostly from out of state students, could be too much to deal with.  License holders must understand that having a license is not a right, but a privilege – and should treat it as such.  With responsible serving practices, this conversation can be avoided in the future.

Boulder Liquor License Lawyers

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