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Colorado Brewers Must Apply for Tap Room

Colorado Liquor License Lawyer | LaszloLawColorado Craft Brewers: Keep in mind that Colorado Brewers and Colorado Beer Wholesalers operating a beer sales room or “tap room” must submit an Application for Colorado Liquor Sales Room (LINK UPDATED 3/31/20117). It is one more step in the process of becoming a Colorado Brewery, but a necessary step.

The application is to be submitted to the local licensing authority.  Per the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division (LED): A Colorado Brewer’s application for a Sales Room (“tap room”) will be granted unless any of the following conditions apply:

  • Issuance of the permit would impact traffic, noise, or other neighborhood concerns in a manner that is inconsistent with local regulations or ordinances;
  • If granted the permit would result in violations of the Colorado liquor code or the laws of the local government;
  • Issuance of this permit would violate local zoning laws.

Generally speaking, this process should be a formality, but with the growing number of neighborhood breweries with busy “tap rooms”, it is a way for local licensing authorities to have a say in how Colorado breweries operate in their cities and counties.

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Updated March 2017.

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