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What You Will Need For a Colorado Brew Pub License

Colorado Brew PubIf you’re starting a Brew Pub in Colorado, you will need a Brewer’s Notice from the TTB (Federal Permit) and Colorado Brew Pub License.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting a Colorado Brew Pub:

Colorado Brew Pub Food Service Requirements:

Colorado Liquor Law requires that a Colorado Brew Pub licensee “shall sell alcohol beverages for on-premises consumption only if at least fifteen percent [15%] of the gross on-premises food and drink income of the business of the licensed premises is from the sale of food … “food” means a quantity of foodstuffs of such nature as is ordinarily consumed by an individual at regular intervals for the purpose of sustenance.”  CRS § 12-47-415

Colorado Liquor Licensing:

While the basic process of applying for a Colorado liquor license is standard, a Colorado Brew Pub License is issued by local licensing authorities and each liquor licensing authority may have varying requirements.

For instance:

  • The City and County of Broomfield liquor license authority requires that a Control Plan be submitted with the Brew Pub License application. The Plan must identify how alcohol will be controlled on the premises, including but not limited to information regarding locked alcohol storage, signage, and training of employees.  In our experience, the Control Plan is a critical piece of the Broomfield liquor license application as the licensing authority often questions applicants on its specifics at the liquor license hearing.
  • The Boulder Liquor License Authority, on the other hand, requires Boulder liquor license applicants to answer 19 questions about the Boulder brew pub’s operations and liquor control policies.  Like Broomfield, the Boulder Liquor Licensing Authority will review the 19 questions and answers and discuss it at the hearing.
  • The Ft. Collins liquor license authority requires completion of a Colorado liquor license packet and appearance with the municipal judge.

Company Formation:

It is easy to overlook the fact that as a Colorado Brew Pub, you will first and foremost be running a business.  Whether you choose a Colorado LLC or Colorado Corporation as your entity form, you will be required to provide company documents to the TTB and state of Colorado along with your liquor license application.  For many reasons, properly forming your Colorado company will be the most important thing you do.

The Colorado Liquor License Lawyers of LaszloLaw

Our Colorado Liquor License lawyers recognize that every situation is different, and whether you are seeking to open a Colorado Craft Brewery or local Colorado Brew Pub, our experience will support you at every stage of your business. These general pointers are provided to help guide as you prepare to apply for your Colorado Liquor License.  
If you need assistance with a Boulder Liquor License, contact our Colorado Liquor License Lawyers today to discuss your individual and business needs.

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