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Not Responsible For Broken Windshields? Yeah, YOU ARE!

Not Responsible For Broken WindshieldFew things annoy me more than the “Not Responsible For Broken Windshields” sign on trucks.  If I was motivated, had more time and money, I’d slap a “Yes, I Am” sticker on each one of those signs.  The “Not Responsible For Broken Windshields” signs have zero legal effect.  The simple fact is that we are all responsible for the damage we intentionally or negligently cause to others.  If you (1) haul rocks, (2) fail to properly secure those rocks, and (3) one of those rocks breaks my windshield, (4) you are responsible for my broken windshield!  Likewise, If I wear a t-shirt that says “Not Responsible For Punching You In The Face” and I walk up and punch you in the face, I am responsible for your broken nose.

I am not saying it will be easy to prove the rock (or whatever) came from the truck in front of you.  That’s a proof issue you’ll have to deal with – but in my experience, its worth a try.  Alas, given the cost of a new windshield and the likelihood that your insurance policy covers the damage at a low cost, the cost vs. benefit of pursing the trucking company is generally not too appealing.

One more thing, the part of the sign that puts me over the edge: “Stay Back 200 feet” – don’t tell me what to do.


Not surprisingly, this post is one of our all-time most popular — and in September 2016, Attorney Mike Laszlo discussed the issue with Denver Channel 9:

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Originally posted March 27, 2015, Updated July 2017, May, 2019.

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