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CARES ACT – Paycheck Protection Program Application

On April 3, the U.S. Treasury released the updated Paycheck Protection Program Application. You can download the PPP Application HERE. The PPP Application is very straight forward.  If you plan to apply for a PPP loan, we suggest working through this Application and…

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Colorado Governor Issues Order Allowing Restaurants, Bars and Breweries To Deliver Alcohol & Sell Alcohol To-Go

Colorado Executive Order Temporary Suspension of Enforcement on On-Premise Retail Licensees and Breweries to Sell, Deliver Alcohol or Provide Alcohol for Takeout On March 20, 2020, in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Governor Polis issued Executive Order D 2020…

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Colorado Alcohol Delivery is Limited to Certain Retailers – UPDATE

Colorado alcohol delivery is limited to certain Colorado liquor licensed retailers.   A retailer licensed pursuant to C.R.S. 44-3-409 (Retail liquor store license),  44-3-410 (Liquor-licensed drugstore license), or subsection 44-4-107(1)(a) (fermented malt beverage license), may deliver alcohol beverages, so long as the retailer follows…

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In response to the devastating economic effects of Coronavirus related shutdowns and even cancellations, the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division ("LED") and TTB issued statements that they would permit alcohol suppliers to accept returns of alcohol products purchased for events cancelled due…

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Coronavirus, The Wine Industry and Force Majeure Clauses

In the wine industry, it remains to be seen how coronavirus will impact businesses domestically and internationally, and the extent to which "force majeure clauses" in contracts may provide relief to impacted businesses. With much of Italy currently on "lockdown,"…

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New York Federal Court Finds Personal Jurisdiction over Vanderbilt University in ADA Website Accessibility Case

On December 4, 2019, a New York Federal Court found it had personal jurisdiction over Vanderbilt University in an ADA Website Accessibility Case. Plaintiff Jason Camacho filed an ADA website accessibility lawsuit alleging that a website operated by Vanderbilt University…

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